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Flights are available into:

  • Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC)

  • Kenai Municipal Airport (ENA).

Anchorage is a picturesque 3-hour drive from the lodge.  Kenai is a short 30-minute drive.

Regardless of the airport you choose, we highly recommend you obtain a rental vehicle for your trip to Alaska so you can see the sights and move around easily.  Rental cars are available at either airport or through local small business providers.  

Driving Directions

Simply enter our address into your navigation system:

22614 Terrace Drive, Kasilof, AK

Travel Tip

Remember to check all classes of vehicles. Full size trucks that have seating for 6 are often cheaper than all the other options in prime season.


Anchorage Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC)

Guests can rent a vehicle at the airport and drive Highway 1 that connects Anchorage to Kasilof. The scenic drive will take you through quaint Alaskan towns scattered along the approximately 3 hour drive. Both Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop are located in Anchorage so you may want to plan to make a stop before you start your drive to Kasilof. But don't worry, there are also shops with fishing supplies located near Kasilof.


Kenai Municipal Airport (ENA)

This airport is approximately a short 30 minutes away. Guests can rent a vehicle at the airport.  Regardless of the airport you choose, we highly recommend you obtain a rental vehicle for your trip to Alaska so you can see the sights and move around easily.



Alaska weather is typically cool and can often be wet, however, when the sun is out in the summer, it can be rather intense. All of this means dressing in layers is important so you can adjust from cool mornings to warm afternoons and evenings.


Anglers Haven Lodge will provide hip boots for river fishing. For your convenience, we offer laundry facilities so no need to over pack. Below is a list of things you may wish to consider to bring:

  • Rain Gear (top and bottom)

  • Layered clothing so you can be comfortable from temperatures in the high 40s to upper 70s

  • Sunglasses and a hat with a brim

  • Personal fishing gear if you are going out on your own

  • Personal waders if you would rather use your own. No felt soles are permitted.

  • Warm Socks!

  • Personal effects and medications

  • A good camera...this is why you came after all.

  • Cash to tip your Guides and Boat Captains


In Soldotna or Kenai, you can purchase supplies you may need for your stay at Anglers Haven Lodge. 


  • Fred Myer

  • Safeway

  • Three Bears

  • Walmart

​Fishing Supplies

  • Soldotna Trustworthy Hardware

  • Soldotna Sportsman's Warehouse


  • There are also many great restaurants in case you feel like eating out with some of the available choices listed in the guest book you will find in your room.

​Soldotna, AK:

  • 17 minute drive

  • Approximate population: 5,000

​Kenai, AK:

  • 20 minute drive

  • Approximate population: 7,800


One of the greatest benefits of a fishing trip to Alaska is the unsurpassed quality of the fish you catch and bring home for the table.  Check the prices at Whole Foods for halibut and salmon to understand the added value of this aspect of your vacation.  NO GMO, NO DYE, NO HORMONES; just nature's bounty.


On guided trips, the guides will fillet your catch.  You than take the fillets to a professional fish processor in Soldotna to have it vacuum packed, frozen, and boxed for transport. 


Alaska fish boxes travel home as checked baggage on your flight and will keep fish solidly frozen for 24 hours without dry ice.  Many of our packages include a 50lb box of fish.  Additional boxes are available from the fish processor.


If you are not flying directly home after leaving our lodge, there is frozen fish storage at the Ted Stevens Airport or at other locations in Anchorage.

Tip:  Only bring what you need for the trip and pack in a manner that can be carried on if possible.  You will likely be checking fish on your way home.

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